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VOCA was founded in 2014 to equip thousands to find God's purpose and power in their daily work. Started as an initiative of the New York City Leadership Center, VOCA has operated as an independent sister organization since 2018. We serve a variety of organizations around the globe, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Singapore, that are looking for people and leadership development that is biblically faithful and professionally sound.


 VOCA is driven by the knowledge that individuals and teams can significantly improve the quality of their experience and productivity at work. For Christian ministries, this is more than a practical advantage – it is a biblical necessity. Our Christ-centered coaching, training, and framework deliver the clarity you need to navigate workplace dilemmas.

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Your journey to a thriving organization begins with a consultation.

Schedule your complimentary consult.

Your journey to a thriving organization begins with a consultation.


Certified Professional Coaches


Dr. Chip Roper
Founder & President

​Chip is poised to take you and your team to new depths of clarity and effectiveness as he draws on 30+ years of leadership experience along with comprehensive training in coaching, counseling, leadership, and theology.  Corporate executives, ministry leaders, and pastors find in Chip a trusted member of their team.

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Sarah Evers
Principal Consultant

With thousands of hours coaching clients to make great decisions and be their best, Sarah is ready to take your leadership to the next level. In addition to her corporate work, Sarah has spent decades developing global leaders for CRU, Athletes in Action, and churches in New York City.

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Ken Kinard
Principal Consultant

Ken's passion is creativity. Let him get you and your team unstuck by engaging their full capacities to solve old problems and seize new opportunities. Ken has used his creative and coaching skills to enhance ministry impact as well as drive business success.

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Organizational Staff

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Shauna Cousino
Director of Communications & Operations

Shauna has a rich range of experience in marketing and administration and extensive knowledge when it comes to the faith and work world, having come from the Nashville Institute of Faith and Work. Shauna is eager to help people see their work through a new lens and find joy in their job. 

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Content Experts


Yeathus Johnson
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert

Yeathus is our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expert. Diverse teams are stronger and more successful than less diverse teams. We also know that there's a lot to learn when it comes to listening well and honoring colleagues so that unconscious biases don't derail potential. Yeathus is an expert in Cultural Intelligence. His dissertation is on Developing Cultural Intelligence in Executive Leaders

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Rich Kidd
Recruiting and Staffing

Rich is our Recruiting and Staffing Expert.  Rich has experience in finding executive-level leaders for key positions in a broad array of industries including Christian nonprofits, large churches, Christian schools and colleges, and mission-minded businesses. Rich has operated a consulting practice, serving clients from small businesses to large nonprofits focused on organizational and personal development, as well as talent acquisition.

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Jeanne Stewart
HR Compliance Expert

Jeanne is our HR Compliance Expert.  We know you want to take great care of your team and obey the law.  Jeanne is the expert who can help you build the kind of healthy culture that produces consistent results and is a great place to work. Her broad knowledge of HR issues, makes her assets to both faith-based and business clients.

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David Ridley
Business Growth

David is our Business Growth Expert. Dave founded Invesco's Real Estate business and led it to market prominence over his 32 year run.  He is an expert at building the kind of team that can keep winning business over the long haul. More importantly, Dave deeply invested in his faith and family in the midst of his career.  He serves as a role model for all who want to honor God as they win in business.

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Schedule your complimentary consult.

Your journey to a thriving organization begins with a consultation.